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Expert tuition in all aspects of double and electric bass playing including -
  • technique
  • music theory
  • improvisation
  • reading

Whether you want to add polish to professional performance, quality to amateur enthusiasm, or work toward Grades – my teaching helps each student achieve individual goals.

Good general musicianship is the key to successful bass playing, and my teaching approach reflects this, emphasising not just individual aspects of the bass, but also how it fits together in the wider musical context.

Concert with the Glasgow Sinfonia, 2010
Concert with the Glasgow Sinfonia



With Alan Reed at the Classic Rock Society Awards, 2012. Photo by Neil Palfreyman
With Alan Reed at the Classic Rock Society Awards, 2012

To enquire about lessons;
phone: 07977 068 540

Students are welcome to bring their own bass, but for those using public transport, or wishing to try a different instrument, my own selection of 4, 5, and 6 string bass guitars, fretless bass guitar, double bass and electric double bass are available in lesson time.



"I first took lessons from Jennifer while studying for Higher Music. the lessons were really enjoyable and very rewarding. Thanks to Jennifer's help, advice and encouragement I'm now studying bass guitar at college and hope to pursue a career in the music industry."
- Robyn Wilkinson

"Jennifer is an excellent tutor whose direction and guidance has greatly benefited my playing of the double bass as well as my overall musicianship in a short space of time, with lessons carried out in a relaxed environment."
- Scott Moran

"I took lessons from Jen for a while (highly recommended if you're in the Glasgow area)... her music theory knowledge is only surpassed with her 'nagging' of timing. if it wasn't for Jen I wouldn't know what timing was never mind how to hold a bass."
- Stevie Morris

"After a break of some 10 or more years I decided to renew my love of bass guitar. I searched for a tutor who would be able to develop my playing quickly. I discovered many tutors offer only one style of playing which I didn't want, I wanted to expand my knowledge and found Jennifer's website.

She offers tuition in a variety of styles to cover all ability levels. I have now been attending weekly for 6 months and I'm delighted with the progress I've made. I cannot recommend Jennifer highly enough. You will struggle to find a more accomplished player and tutor in Glasgow."
- Eddie McElhinney